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We Thank You For Your Support!

Here at the Irondequoit Community Orchestra, we truly enjoy working hard to bring the world of classical music to our community.  However, these efforts wouldn't be possible without the generous donations from our supporters.  Here is a list of those who have donated to ICO as we continue to grow.  We are wholeheartedly grateful for your support!  


2023 Donors

  • Alan Lowne 

  • Barbara Lang

  • Coleen McLean

  • David Weiss

  • Deb Hall

  • Denee Green

  • Etta Eskridge

  • Jeannie Guerrero

  • Kaia Megiel

  • Kate Wagner

  • Kathy Thomas

  • Lauren Spitaliere

  • Luda Weiss

  • Mary Lazzar-Whyte

  • Michele Bello

  • Mona Seghatoleslami

  • Pamela Tabell-Wagner

  • Paul Ness

  • Rosemary Shojaie

  • Sam Myers

  • Sierra Bielby

  • Sue Rowley

  • Theresa Wadera

  • Tim Thomas

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ICO 2024 Business Sponsors.jpg
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